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Just like you, I know how it feels to get lost in a web of depleting thoughts. Slowly but surely, stress was taking over my life. My body had been giving me signals for quite some time already, but because I was too busy to notice, it had to get worse before I could act on it. I got to a point where I couldn’t sleep because of the tension and pain that had built up in my neck and shoulders.

Because I couldn’t pinpoint the root cause of these inconveniences, I soon found myself in a constant state of restlessness. I was going through my days on automatic pilot while trying to analyze my thoughts and emotions. But the thing is, I wasn’t able to do it by myself. My mind got obsessed with “fixing” it, and before I knew it, the tension I felt in my body had moved into my mind.

After being misdiagnosed with depression and followed by months of medication that were not effective, I sought the help of a life coach that changed my life. I felt stuck and craved clarity and certainty. Soon I realized that being stuck offers clarity and that hitting a wall can be an opportunity for a breakthrough.

I learned how many people find themselves at the same point in life and, just like me, can benefit highly from this when guided and supported correctly. When everything in life is forcing you to stop, you most probably should stop pushing and start to examine what is coming up. Working through the layers of discomfort, you will find a great deal of potential hidden within you.

After going through this life-changing transformation, I gained an enlightening clarity that got me in touch with my mission of helping others move from chaos to clarity. I studied and graduated from the ICF-accredited International Coaching Academy.. As a certified coach, I help others to tap into their true potential.

I believe every single person has the ability to lead their desired life, and I’m here to guide and support you while providing you with the knowledge and tools to get you there.

Love, Aneta

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