• “The coaching sessions with Aneta allowed me to feel safe to be authentic and vulnerable with my thoughts and feelings. She always listened attentively, and asked questions that challenged my thinking and perspectives on myself and my goals. Aneta has contributed to my growth and development in a major way with her unique way of coaching. I look forward to future coaching sessions with her.”

    Steve S
  • “Aneta has helped me to become more self-confident and clear about my objectives. Through her coaching, I could identify and overcome my challenges and mental blocks. She is a very emphatic, gentle, patient and courageous coach who creates a safe space for exploring thoughts and feelings. Her approach is very solution-oriented, which helped me to stay on track throughout our coaching engagement. I recommend Aneta’s coaching to everyone looking for a coach who truly cares for her clients. Thank you, Aneta!”

  • “I absolutely recommend Aneta as a coach. She has a distinctive and charismatic coaching style. She is truly an experienced life coach with a unique engagement style and mechanism for finding solutions to client’s challenges.”

    Giovanna Sido
  • “I was referred to Aneta through an Expat Amsterdam group. From the first correspondence via email, she was very responsive and friendly. She became my (career) coach during my career transition period in 2021. We had several 1-on-1 coaching sessions, both online and face-to-face, for several months. During the coaching sessions, I felt very comfortable sharing my stories, opening up and expressing myself. Aneta listened patiently and helped me to focus on my career goals. With her background in HR, Aneta guided me in preparing myself for a job interview by realizing my strengths and limitations while empowering me to be authentic. Moreover, Aneta was very flexible with the coaching schedule, which was very helpful for me as I was juggling motherhood work and a part-time study simultaneously. Thanks to her coaching, I was offered a new desired job position in July 2022.”

  • “I felt very safe sharing my feelings and thoughts with Aneta as a coach. Her listening skills and presence is tremendous! She has given me insights and awareness to develop myself and grow more! Thank you!”