The Clarity
Coaching method

The values of respect, trust and humbleness are leading in my way of working at all times. To get you from a state of confusion to clarity, I designed a specific coaching model I work by called C.A.L.M.


C stands for Courage

Taking the first step, seeking the help you need, takes courage. This courage will help you in the process of uncovering the limiting beliefs that are causing blind spots and your restless state. We will continue to cultivate this courage throughout the process.


A stands for Alteration

We will set goals for you to work towards. To break through the limiting beliefs and really show up for yourself, alteration is necessary. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got is a quote that holds a lot of truth and triggers, but I will do anything in my power to help and support you to go through these changes.


L stands for Looking forward

As soon we’re clear on what changes are necessary, we’ll create a plan and suitable actions for you to follow. Taking it step by step will make sure you’ll be able to focus and keep your eyes on the price.


M stands for Measurement

Everything stands or falls, with or without motivation. By carefully analyzing how motivated you feel by each action, we adjust the process accordingly. By doing so, we jointly take care of your accountability and measure how we can keep it going.

I want to get C.A.L.M.

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“Clarity of the mind is the key to happiness”