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In today’s busy world, we quickly become overwhelmed and often a lot of tension builds up in our bodies and mind. Sometimes this can overtake you to the extent that you fail to keep track. Subsequently, you live each day as if walking on eggshells and become trapped in a web of thoughts and vicious circles. If this sounds familiar to you and you feel like you could use some help in regaining calmness, clarity and structure in your thoughts, then you found the right place. Clarity Coaching applies an approach that aims for long-lasting results. We create clarity by talking and becoming familiar with certain feelings and emotions. I help you to understand the whirlwind of thoughts and feelings by putting them in the right context and deconstructing them beneficially.

“Clarity of the mind is the key to happiness”

Nice to meet you,

My name is Aneta Kanta and I’m a licensed life coach and expert by experience. I’ve experienced being stuck, just like you. I know what it’s like to feel lost in the chaos of your thoughts. To experience that uncomfortable feeling without being able to pinpoint exactly the root cause. I also know how it feels to break free, which is something I wish for everyone. Now it’s my mission to help you take the heaviness off your shoulders so that you can achieve your goals and growth in your personal development.

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My clients

Anyone who could use help and guidance to gain clarity and direction is welcome to work with me. I’ve had the honor to successfully help a variety of people to more clarity, relief and peace of mind. Read what others say about working with me as a life coach.

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